6 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Small Party Tent

clear top tent

A party tent rental isn’t complicated, but it does come with a few questions party planners should ask when renting a small party tent in Chicago. These questions (and answers) can make party planning smoother and be incredibly helpful when contacting a tent rental company.

Where is the best location for the party tent?

This small party tent rental question is a key question that party planners should ask—and it’s one of the first details a tent rental company asks about. Fortunately, party tents can be installed almost anywhere: in a yard or park, adjacent to a building, over a patio or pool deck, over a driveway, or in almost any other space. (If there are any questions about the suitability of the space, ask an event planner.)

When considering the location, party planners should know if the tent is going over a hard surface or sod and if the tent can be staked to the ground. Some Chicago venues may have rules about where tents can be installed, and should be consulted before contacting a tent rental company.

How big is the area where the tent is going to be?

The location of the tent is a key detail, and so is the size of the area. Party planners don’t have to know the exact size, but should have a rough estimation when contacting a tent rental company. This information ensures that the right type and size of tent is chosen for the party.

How many guests are expected?

The amount of guests factor into the size of the tent and any equipment rentals. Typically, event planners should plan on approximately 80% of guests attending, though the number might be smaller for a more intimate gathering.

Is the view outside the tent important?

A party tent provides an enclosed area safe from the elements, though it doesn’t have to feel enclosed. Tents can be installed with clear sidewalls to bring the outdoors in. Clear tents have a clear ceiling and walls that can make guests feel like they are enjoying a beautiful day outdoors, even though the space is far more comfortable than the outdoors.

What is the temperature going to be on the day of the party?

Party tents are a great way for party planners to ensure that guests won’t get wet from rain or snow. Surprisingly, they can also be a comfortable space, even on the coldest and hottest Chicago days. Many tents come with a climate control system that heats and cools the tent. This discreet system keeps the tent at a comfortable temperature so guests can enjoy the party without any worry about the weather.

How can the tent be decorated?

A tent doesn’t need to be large to make big impression. There are many small party tent decoration ideas: lighting, table linens, greenery, and entrance tents. Each of these party rentals can set the atmosphere and play into the party theme. Lighting can also accent points of interest, like sampling stations, menu items, video monitors, and picture boards. Ask a party planner for more decoration ideas that can make a party one-of-a-kind.

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