10 Amazing Small Tent Decoration Ideas

elegant outdoor wedding with how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget

Small gatherings require absolutely amazing small tent decoration ideas. After all, it’s not about the size of the event, it’s how big of an impression these small tent decor ideas make on guests.

Make a beautiful entrance.

A favorable first impression starts before guests walk into the tent. A beautiful entrance can be created with lamp posts for a classic and upscale setting, lanterns for a beautiful glow, or greenery and lighting that gives guests a glimpse of what’s to come.

Signs can also be a wonderful part of the décor, serving as a functional piece of décor. Signs can give guests direction, highlight key areas of the event, and adding to the event atmosphere. Lighted signs can play into a movie theme while wood signs seamlessly blend into a rustic event.

party tent with dance floor tables and chairs

Rent a clear tent to bring the outdoors in.

When the event is set in a beautiful location, a clear tent can bring the outdoors in and set the scene for a wonderful event. This can be done with clear sidewalls or a tent that is completely clear. Clear tents can be accented with greenery, lighting, and an amazing table setting and arrangement for the full effect.

Use up lighting to add interest.

Up lighting is a small tent decoration idea that adds drama and highlights points of interest. From the exterior, up lighting creates a powerful first impression. Once inside, up lighting is a beautiful way to create atmosphere. Fortunately, event planners have many options for colors that coordinate with other details. For an interesting twist, words and beautiful shapes can also be projected on a ceiling. (Ask an event rental specialist for more information about event lighting.)

tent wedding with natural decor

Incorporate greenery into tent décor.

Greenery is a versatile small tent decoration idea. Natural greenery brings the outdoors in, and establishes an organic feel. Topiaries are the perfect décor for a garden party or elegant affair. Plants are also a beautiful part of décor at a corporate event.

This small tent decoration idea can also be scaled to fit the space and enhanced with lighting. Greenery ideas can vary from small potted centerpieces at the center of tables to large topiaries that make a small tent feel large and expansive.

Add string lights for a starry effect.

String lights are a beautiful way to make guests feel like they are under the starry sky, while still enjoying the comfortable setting of a tent. (In addition to protecting guests from inclement weather, tents can also be installed with heat or air conditioning for optimal guest comfort.) These lights can be combined with fabric for a wonderful effect or hung in a clear tent that makes guests enjoy their surroundings.

white paper lanterns in wedding tent with neutral wedding decor

Mix up the lighting.

Lighting sets the tone for the event. Chandeliers add a touch of elegance. Paper lanterns are a festive touch, either subtle or bright. White paper lanterns add a festive touch to a neutral affair, while colorful paper lanterns make the atmosphere more whimsical and fun. Pin lighting can highlight beautiful centerpieces and focal points.

Use table settings to create an incredible impression.

Table settings make a powerful first impression and set the stage for the event that is to come. A neutral table setting makes a room feel light and airy, while a colorful table setting is a coordinated décor that plays into a theme or event atmosphere.

There are an incredible amount of options for table settings. The layout can be as formal or informal as the event demands. Linens can be neutral and elegant, bright and whimsical, or casual and fun. As the expression says, “the sky is the limit.” Fortunately, there are event planners that can help choose the details and small tent decoration ideas that bring an event vision to life.

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