How to Choose the Right Table Linens for Your Chicago Wedding

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Table linens may be one of the most underrated wedding rentals, though they have the potential to make a big statement. Tables are one of the main surfaces guests see when they enter a wedding tent, giving couples the opportunity to add more color, more texture, and more wow to their Chicago wedding.

Tips for Choosing Table Linens for Your Wedding

  • Choose an overall theme or atmosphere you are trying to create.
  • Consider whether you want a bright or neutral décor.
  • Use table linens for your Chicago wedding that coordinate with centerpieces.
  • Consider linens that coordinate with the lighting for maximum effect.
  • Ask an event planning professional for recommendations.

Table Linen Ideas

While most couples automatically think of guest tables, there are actually several types of tables and table linens. Cocktail tables, beverage stations, and banquet tables also play key parts of wedding décor.

Round/Long Table Ideas

Fortunately, there are so many wonderful table linen ideas for Chicago weddings, giving every couple the chance to create an atmosphere that is uniquely and completely them.

How to Choose the Right Table Linens for Your Chicago Wedding 1

Pop of color

This is an idea as colorful as the couple. Colorful table linens are a wonderful way to express personality or play up a theme. Fortunately, table linen rentals are available in almost any color, allowing couples to choose table linens for their Chicago wedding that are completely them.

white tent with bright centerpieces


Neutral linens are the perfect choice for couples who want a clean and crisp look. These linens are appropriate for an elegant affair, rustic wedding, or casual outdoor wedding.

wedding tent with elegant table linens and floral centerpieces


Layering is a wonderful way to dress up a table. Couples can dress up an elegant wedding with neutral linens and table runners and accents that create an upscale look, add sparkly linens for an amazing glow, or group colorful table linens for a bright contrast.

backyard party with round tables and checkered table cloths

Picnic Linens

Checkered linens are a classic look at a casual outdoor wedding. These linens can add a touch of fun and make guests anticipate the fun that is to come.

How to Choose the Right Table Linens for Your Chicago Wedding 2

Spandex Linens

Spandex linens are perfect for modern weddings. These linens make a statement, and can even be enhanced with LED lights.

Wedding High Boy Linen Ideas

High boy tables are the perfect part of a cocktail hour, allowing guests to enjoy a cocktail and mingle. The high boy tables can be set up outside or inside of a tent, and are another detail that can be coordinated as part of a beautiful or fun atmosphere.

How to Choose the Right Table Linens for Your Chicago Wedding 3
Green Turf Full Floor


Though high boy tables are smaller, they can still be dressed up with layered table linens. High boy tables can be layered with multiple-colored linens, wraps, and table runners.

How to Choose the Right Table Linens for Your Chicago Wedding 4


Patterned linens add interest to cocktail tables, and coordinates well with basic table linens at guest tables. These linens add the right amount of texture, especially when layered with other coordinating linens.

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