5 Backyard Wedding Ideas (With Real Chicago Wedding Pics)

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Wondering how to decorate a backyard for a beautiful wedding? A backyard wedding can be a simple affair with a natural backdrop or a complete transformation with elegant décor. Every couple’s wedding is a unique combination of backyard wedding ideas that make the day feel completely and uniquely them.

Make a wonderful first impression.

Though the entrance to a backyard wedding may not be as grand as an upscale wedding venue, there are still plenty of backyard wedding ideas that can impress guests. One key way is to create a setting that makes guests stop and anticipate the event that is to come.

This can be accomplished with wedding décor that stands out from the backdrop, such as striking chairs, a dramatic ceremony centerpiece, or lighting that creates and unforgettable atmosphere. The possibilities are endless—and wonderful.

For couples who want a rustic wedding at sunset, the scene can be set with rustic natural chairs, wooden tables, string lighting, stainless steel tubs, and other natural décor elements. An upscale event can be established with beautiful table linens, Chiavari chairs, and elegant lighting posts. The elements can be mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind backyard wedding.

5 Backyard Wedding Ideas (With Real Chicago Wedding Pics) 1

Focus the ceremony.

There are quite a few wedding altar ideas that can be customized to the occasion and the couple. Each one can be personalized to be the perfect backdrop and setting for the couple to say, “I do.”

The wedding altar can be matched with a wonderful setting. For a traditional ceremony, guests can be seated in chairs that fit with other décor or be directed to stand around the altar for a family feel. In addition to chairs, the ceremony can be further enhanced with flower petals, red carpet, or another coordinated item.

Light up the occasion.

Event lighting is a beautiful backyard wedding idea, providing a light glow and setting the stage for the ceremony or dancing. In addition to function, lighting is also incredibly stylish and contributes to a unique wedding atmosphere.

There are numerous options for stylish wedding lighting: lamp posts, string lighting, chandeliers, festive lanterns, and projection lights. Lamp posts can be an upscale part of the entrance or a wonderful setting on a patio or dance floor. String lights create a feeling of a night under the stars or create a soft glow. Chandeliers can be an elegant touch in a wedding tent, adding an upscale feel to an outdoor wedding. Lanterns add a festive glow to an event, either with touches of color or with a clean and neutral effect. Projection lights are a beautiful way to add uplighting or even a custom form or letter to the tent ceiling during the dinner and reception.

wedding tent with dramatic lighting

Let guests enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

A backyard wedding is a wonderful chance for guests to enjoy the warm temperatures of a Midwestern summer or fall. Unfortunately, it also comes with the risk of being rained out because of inclement weather or being incredibly uncomfortable due to heat and humidity.

It’s always prudent to have a plan B for those days when the weather forecasts are incredibly wet or sticky. A wedding tent can be a welcome shelter from the hot sun and rain. It can also be a stylish element of a backyard wedding and a way to enhance guest comfort. The style of the tent can be taken to another level with a clear tent that allows in a view while providing cover in a shaded area.

Keep everyone in good spirits.

A backyard wedding is a wonderful chance for guests to mingle and enjoy each other’s company. An interactive tasting station and family-style seating are two ways to encourage mingling and make everyone feel like family.

In addition to bringing guests together, these two backyard wedding ideas can also be fun. An interactive tasting station can be an opportunity to add local flavor to the wedding, giving guests the opportunity to try local wines, ales, desserts, or dishes. Guests can enjoy each other’s company at a portable bar or at a decorated table. Stylish lounging areas give guests the chance to enjoy cocktails, dishes, and each other’s company.

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