18 Amazing Outdoor Wedding Décor Ideas (With Pictures from Real Chicago Events)

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A backyard or wedding venue can be a beautiful backdrop for wonderful outdoor wedding décor. From the ceremony to the reception, these outdoor wedding décor pictures from these stunning Chicago events inspire a wedding day as unique and beautiful as the couple themselves. (For personalized outdoor wedding décor ideas, contact an event specialist for recommendations that bring a couple’s vision to life.)

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

wedding ceremony with white chairs and gazebo

Bright and Airy

Bright and airy isn’t just an interior décor term. This striking outdoor wedding ceremony is a stunning combination of simple white chairs and a grand ceremony setting.

wedding ceremony site chicago il

Flower Petals and Natural Elements

Flower petals are a wonderful way to accent the aisle and add a touch of romance and natural elements to a wedding day.

Simple and Sweet

Simple and striking outdoor wedding décor and ceremony centerpiece is the perfect idea for couples who want to highlight their beautiful setting.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Décor

outdoor wedding with cocktail tables

Memorable Cocktail Hour Mingling

This shaded cocktail hour gives the guests the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, a delicious refreshment at these stunning cocktail tables, and a chance to mingle.

Remarkable Entrance

This linen-draped tent entrance makes a fantastic first impression on guests and makes them anticipate the stunning outdoor wedding décor that is to come.

60' x 100' High Peak Tent at outdoor wedding

Fabulous Tent

A spectacular wedding tent makes quite the impression on guests and keeps guests out of the hot Chicago sun. In addition to making a big impression, a tent goes hand in hand with some incredible lighting that creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Guest Seating at Round Table

Striking Seating

Even chairs play into outdoor wedding décor, making a statement that blends beautifully with strong centerpieces and linens.

Vintage Furniture

The best outdoor wedding décor is functional and gorgeous. This vintage furniture seamlessly blends into a vintage or romantic wedding, plus it allows guests to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Refreshingly Bright

This Chicago wedding proves that citrus is an ingredient of outdoor wedding décor—and not just in amazing wedding cocktails. The pop of color is balanced with light and bright chairs and linens that creates a clean, refreshing effect.

Bright Décor

This outdoor wedding is a wonderful mixture of neutral and bright, complete with elegant lighting for a completely impressive effect.

tent wedding with beautiful water view

Clear View

When the view from the wedding venue (or backyard) is everything, a tent with clear sidewalls is the perfect way to give guests the chance to enjoy each other’s company and the natural beauty around them.

Panoramic View

This wedding tent is perfect for couples who want their guests to feel completely absorbed into the scenery around them. A clear tent is perfect for a poolside wedding or an event tucked back into the woods.

outdoor wedding decor with natural elements and burlap

Natural Decor

Natural décor, cloths, and plants are the perfect outdoor wedding décor for couple who appreciates a natural or rustic look. This wedding décor idea fits with a casual or formal event.

outdoor wedding decor with white chairs and natural plants

Subtle and Beautiful

A subtle and natural look sets the tone for a bright and airy wedding. This wedding décor is a wonderful setting for an elegant or rustic wedding, perfectly combined to fit the couple’s tastes and wishes.

wedding tent with dramatic lighting

Dramatic Lighting

This wedding décor idea adds drama, atmosphere, and a personalized touch to an event. Lighting can be chosen to fit with other décor or with the couple’s name and shapes for a completely custom look.

wedding tent with paper lanterns

Festive Décor

Couples in love with color and fun can show their personality with bright and festive décor and lighting.

tent with high floral centerpieces

Bright Elegance

This elegant outdoor wedding décor can be as traditional or as modern as the couple’s vision. Bright centerpieces balanced with clean and neutral linens create a gorgeous wedding day atmosphere.

tent wedding with beautiful floral centerpieces

Traditional Glamour

Traditional wedding décor is perfect for couples who want an elegant and glamorous event. This outdoor wedding décor idea can be customized in a million different ways with table linens, chairs, centerpieces, and lighting for a breath-taking result.

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