10 “Must-Have” Tradeshow Furniture Rentals

green trade show pipe and drapes

A trade show booth isn’t complete without the furniture that makes it comfortable and appealing to potential customers. Fortunately, there are many options for tradeshow furniture, including some creative tradeshow ideas that set any booth apart at one of our trademark Chicago tradeshows.

bar stool equipment rental in chicago il

Bar stools

Bar stools are a stylish and comfortable way to serve up information to potential customers. These trendy seats are a statement piece that coordinates with other tradeshow furniture and displays for a one-of-a-kind booth.

10 “Must-Have” Tradeshow Furniture Rentals 1


Most people believe that tradeshow chairs are a one-size-fits-all piece of furniture, but the truth is that tradeshow seating comes in different colors and styles that can fit with any décor. From basic seating to a comfortable lounge chair, the options for this tradeshow furniture rental are as diverse as the visitors sitting in them.

stool and tall table for chicago trade show


Tradeshow tables are a necessity of a booth, allowing space for informational displays and common areas for discussions. When setting a layout for a table booth, consider tables above- or below- common height. Some of the best conversation areas can be set up around coffee or high tables.

10 “Must-Have” Tradeshow Furniture Rentals 2

Table Linens

Table linens can be a professional nod to the company brand, or a creative and eye-catching part of tradeshow booth décor. The best part of selecting table linens for a tradeshow booth are the sheer number of colors to choose from.

furniture rentals with couches and tables


A tradeshow couch is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a place to start a conversation with potential customers and strategically position promotional materials. Contact an equipment specialist to choose the right couches and furniture options.

beach themed table with food service dishes

Food Service Containers

Popcorn makers, catering dishes, slushy machines, and cotton candy machines are an out-of-the-box tradeshow rental, but one that is a big hit with tradeshow visitors. Food is a popular way to draw potential customers or show appreciation to existing customers.

10 “Must-Have” Tradeshow Furniture Rentals 3


This tradeshow rental is an essential part of “seeing is believing.” Bleachers are an easy way to add additional seating for businesses who want to give demonstrations or shows to tradeshow visitors.

10 “Must-Have” Tradeshow Furniture Rentals 4


A stage is the perfect rental for a mainstage show or presentation that captures everyone’s attention. This tradeshow furniture rental is available in all sizes and shapes that can be customized to fit within a space.

red carpet

Red carpets

Rolling out the red carpet can be more than a slogan with this tradeshow rental. A red carpet is an eye-catching rental that makes a statement to every tradeshow visitor.

stage with podium and sound system

Sound System

If it seems like it’s hard to be heard above the tradeshow noise, it’s time to consider renting a sound system. A microphone and sound system can be the perfect tradeshow rental that sets a business apart or directs visitors to important events during the show.

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