Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Party Rentals


Outdoor party rentals are a fun addition to any event—no matter what kind! The right party rentals can make any event more comfortable, memorable, or put it over-the-top.

It doesn’t matter the type of party…anyone planning a backyard party, neighborhood block party, bar mitzvah, graduation party, or staff party (any kind of party!) can use these party planning tips.

How to Plan an Outdoor Party

Think about the logistics

Planners should start by putting the important party details in stone: date, location, and guest list. If the party location is not set, contact local venues to see if the sites are available on the preferred date and for the number of people that can be accommodated. For easier party planning ahead, ask whether the venue allows tents (in case of bad weather).

Send out invites

Once the major details are confirmed, party planners can start working on invites (both paper and digital). The invitations should match the feel of the party and contain all the important details: the occasion, date, location, and name of party to send a RSVP.

Set a schedule (even for the most casual parties)

The party schedule doesn’t have to be set in stone—or even sent out to guests—but it’s important for party planners to have a general idea of activities. This schedule helps party planners make a list of supplies and party rentals.

Think about what guests need/want

It’s time to break down what is needed (and wanted) at the party. Party planners should ask themselves, “What do we need for the meal (regarding both menu and supplies)? What kinds of entertainment fit our event and guest list?” In addition to considering party supplies, party planners should start to think about the needs of the venue. This could include cover in areas with direct sunlight or an uneven area unsuitable for dancing.  

Plan for every worst-case scenario

No one wants their party ruined by rain, oppressive heat, and bugs. Fortunately, party planners can plan for all three problems in advance. Even if the weather seems favorable, party planners should always have a plan B. A plan B could be an indoor space or a tent that provides cover (especially with sidewalls that protect from the rain).

Choosing an Outdoor Party Rental Company

Research “outdoor party rental companies near me”

Choosing the right outdoor party rental company is about more than just an online search. Party planners should research the companies online. There are a few different ways to research, such as asking friends and family for recommendations and checking online review sites and company social media pages.

Come up with a list of possible outdoor party rentals

Before contacting any companies, it is helpful for party planners to have a basic list of supplies needed for the party. This list may include tables and chairs, tents, food service dishes, chill tubs and tables, and some fun rentals for entertainment (like a slushie machine!)

Contact the companies for a quote

The next step is getting a quote for the basic party supplies, but don’t feel confined to those basic supplies. In addition to a quote, ask for suggestions for other items that guests appreciate.

Fun Things to Rent for Parties

The great thing about outdoor party rentals is that the list is endless! These are just a few of the rentals that can take a party to the next level:

  • Portable bars
  • Chill tables and tubs
  • Slushie machines
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Big screen
  • Sound system and microphone
  • Dance floor
  • Big grill
  • Margarita machine
  • Cool lighting
  • Tent heating and cooling
  • Much, much more…
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