10 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

dramatic outdoor wedding lighting in chicago ilPlanning an outdoor wedding is all about creating the perfect wedding atmosphere with the right tent, décor, food, and lighting. The latter detail may be often overlooked, but wedding lighting plays a vital role in creating a stunning wedding atmosphere.

tent lighting chandelier

Nothing says elegance like a chandelier. This lighting adds add a sophistication to an outdoor wedding; guests will be in awe of the beautiful chandeliers and elegant décor.

10 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas 1
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Theater Lighting

Make your guests feel like stars at your outdoor wedding. Ask about up lighting that can reflect off the tent and create a bright and dramatic flare to a tent wedding.

outdoor wedding lighting
Pin Spots

An extra special element of décor deserves to be in the spotlight, and pin spots are a great way to highlight them. Consider pin spot lights to help guests focus on food stations, centerpieces, and other beautiful wedding details.

tent wedding with beautiful lights on ceiling

String Lights

Nothing creates a night under the stars effect to a tent wedding like string lights. String lights can be used to add a touch of elegance to a formal rustic wedding or a romantic flair to a beautiful outdoor wedding.

10 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas 2
Globe Lights

This casual tent lighting option is perfect for an informal affair. Globe lights are simple lights, adding a relaxed mood to a laid-back tent atmosphere.

paper lanterns at outdoor wedding
Paper Lanterns

Crisp white glow. Colorful and festive. Unique and whimsical. Paper lanterns can be described by all these terms; discuss how paper lanterns can be customized for a crisp white glow or a colorful and lively look.

10 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas 3
lighting – pattern
Projection Lights

To add interest to an outdoor wedding, add projection lights to the list of wedding details. These lights can be customized to project a relevant object or pattern onto the tent ceiling, such as snowflakes or the couple’s initials. Projection lights can also be a fun addition to any wedding photograph.

lamp post at outdoor wedding
Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are a one-of-a-kind lighting addition to an outdoor wedding. These posts can be scattered for a touch of atmosphere (such as on a deck or patio) or grouped for a unique entrance.

10 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas 4

Landscape Lighting

You chose your outdoor wedding venue for a reason; highlight those extraordinary details with landscape lighting. This wedding lighting can also be useful for accenting natural décor inside the tent.

10 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas 5

Mood Lighting

Colorful mood lighting can add drama to any wedding tent, drawing guests in and creating an enveloping atmosphere. Discuss your options for mood lighting with an event specialist who can recommend the right color and lighting that fits with a stunning outdoor wedding atmosphere.

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