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City of Chicago Event Tent

Does your event in the City of Chicago include a tent?   The city allows tents but there are restrictions and requirements.  Depending on the size, you may require a permit.

Indestructo Party Rental has worked with many individuals and organizations on many types of events throughout the City of Chicago.  They understand the procedures related to tents permits, rental time frames as well as parking and delivery requirements.

Indestructo Party Rental is also proud to be on the Chicago Park District Preferred Professional list providing tents and equipment for weddings, corporate events and other special occasions at some of the most extraordinary places in Chicago.

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Contact Indestructo Party Rental at 847-375-8510 to guide you through the process of hosting a tent event in Chicago.


Happy First Birthday in a Tent

Your baby’s first birthday is fast approaching.  It is such an important celebration for you, your family and your friends.  Your guest list is growing and you are short of space.  What do you do?  A tent is a perfect solution to create a memorable event that your family and friends will love.

frame tent over driveway
festivities inside a frame tent
mesh sidewalls keep the air flowing and the insects away from the food

Contact Indestructo Party Rental at 847-375-8510 to talk with one of our experienced event planners to help you plan your special day.

Chicago Park District Preferred Professional

The Chicago Park District offers many unique sites to host your next special event.

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You and your guests will be able to enjoy some of the most extraordinary spaces in Chicago for your wedding, family reunion, corporate event, or any other occasion special to you.Promontory Point 1


With serene gardens, lakefront settings, and grand ballrooms, find out why so many are choosing the Chicago Park District for their next event.

They provide the breathtaking setting and customers provide the imagination using one of the Chicago Park District Preferred Professionals who offer catering, event rentals and event production services.
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These are some pictures of our frame tent with clear sidewalls at a Chicago Park District Location.
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Indestructo Party Rental is proud to be one of the Chicago Park District Preferred Professionals for over 5 years.

Contact Indestructo Party Rental at 847-375-8510 to speak to one of our experienced event planners to help create your most memorable event.

Choosing the Best Tent for Your Event

When planning a tented event, there are various types of tents that serve distinct needs for specific kinds of events and situations. Many variables play a part in deciding which tent is best suited to the event space, theme or rental requirements.

FRAME TENTS 20131016_12554220131016_125651

A frame tent is ideal when there is limited space, when staking is not an option or when installing over decks, patios, driveways or up against other structures or buildings.
A frame tent is supported by a metal framework, visible on the inside of the tent and needs minimal staking distance outside the perimeter of the tent. It has no center poles to obstruct views and maximizes the space inside the tent. The poles are along the outside edges and are secured by ground staking or anchored to weights allowing it to be installed on any surface.

POLE TENTS20' x 40' Backyard Party Tent
A pole tent remains a very popular option and can accommodate a wide variety of events by using a combination of center and side poles that are anchored into the ground. They provide the classic look of a traditional tent at an affordable price. The style has been in use for many years and looks elegant from both inside and outside. They are available in a variety of widths and can be expanded to any length.

HIGH PEAK CENTURY TENTS40' Century Tent Exterior 40' Century Tent Interior

A high peak century tent is a type of pole type tent with sloping majestic peaks and elegant lines, creating a uniquely regal atmosphere for formal events, such as weddings, graduations, festivals and corporate events. The high peak design of a century tent provides maximum ceiling height with limited interior obstruction. Century Tents feature graceful curves and high peaked cathedral ceilings. They are designed to enhance your special event while offering superb performance.

CLEARSPAN STRUCTUREStsc - type4 - Clearspan - outside tsc - type4 - Clearspan - inside
Clearspan structures are excellent when your event requires long term placement or when the site eliminates the ability to stake a traditional style pole or century tent. They are extremely durable and sturdy. The absence of center poles creates an open airy feel with no obstructed views and allows for maximum use of interior space. They create a truly expansive environment for a high-profile corporate event, commencement ceremony or sports competition.

MARQUEE TENTSmarquee with leg skirts white DSCN1503
Marquee tents can provide a shady walkway for your guests when connecting to other tents or buildings. They are often used as an entrance to protect guests from the elements. Marquees are also ideal when there is a need for a small tent or covering such as food fairs, craft sales or antique shows. They can be used with and without walls. The function of a marquee is limited only by your imagination. They are available in various lengths and widths.

All tents and marquees can be fitted with sidewalls available in various styles including clear, white mesh, arched cathedral windows, square french windows and solid white. This element of customization adds great variety to a tent’s appearance. You can mix or match the different sidewall styles. They provide protection from the elements as well as insulation for heated and cooled tents, insect reduction, privacy and a sound barrier.

Visit our website to see all the tent styles and sidewall options that Indestructo Party Rental has to offer.