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All About Stages, Platforms and Runways

Do you need a stage, platform or runway?  Call Indestructo Party Rental at 847-375-8510 for all your staging needs.  We have staging in 4′ x 8′ modular sections that can be configured to meet your needs.  Sections start at 8″ in height, with 8″ increments up to 40″ high.

speaker platform

A raised platform is generally used for speakers, displays or light entertainment.  They are low enough and may not need stairs.  They can be configured as a single level or multi-level.  Platforms have a wood top that is usually carpeted.  They come with perimeter skirting.

multi-level speaker stage
entertainment platform










Stages and Runways are usually higher, 24″ to 40″ and require 2, 3 or 4 stairs.  We recommend adding a safety railing for stages 32″ or higher.  Runways can be any height, width and length because of the modular design.

performance stage with stairs
runway with stairs
band stage with lighting truss









Some events or performances require a lighting truss.




Our stages and platforms require a tent covering if outdoors.

platform under tent
stage with safety railing and stairs







In addition to staging, Pipe and Drape can create a backdrop for a performance, a private enclosure for a photo booth or a dressing room.  If needed, a handicapped ADA ramp with a no skid surface can be installed.  Call Indestructo Party Rental at 847-375-8510 for all your staging needs.

Pipe & Drape Systems – 101

A Pipe & Drape System is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of reasons and events. It starts with steel bases, aluminum pipes and fabric and ends up with a temporary custom partition structure.

Trade Show Booth in a Tent
Trade Show Booth in a Tent
Red & White Trade Show Booth
Trade Show Booth in a Building

Pipe and Drape is used to create eye-catching trade show booths when hosting a trade show, job fair or business expo. It is also used as a backdrop for ceremonies, performances, photo shoots or behind the head table at a wedding. Use Pipe & Drape to create a temporary wall to divide a room, hide construction during a renovation, conceal an unsightly area or prevent access to a section of a building. Pipe & Drape can build a hallway or a private enclosure for a photo booth or dressing room. Transform a large room into a more intimate space with Pipe & Drape.

Black privacy wall
Black Pipe & Drape wall

Since Pipe & Drape is available in a multitude of colors, schools and sports organizations proudly display their school or team colors at graduations, ceremonies, performances or sporting events. By selecting the appropriate Pipe & Drape size and color, you can create a custom partition system that will either blend tastefully with your existing decor or give your event a colorful and competitive edge. Whether you need one exhibit booth or hundreds, Indestructo Party Rental can tailor Pipe & Drape to meet your specific space and traffic flow needs.

Red, White & Blue Patriotic Theme
Red, White and Blue Pipe & Drape wall

In addition to Pipe & Drape, Indestructo Party Rental offers a full line of exhibit booth equipment including tables, chairs, custom signs, coat racks, stanchions and more. We also offer a variety of services including computerized drawings, onsite service crews and drayage services.

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