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BIG Tips for Planning an AWESOME Outdoor Fall Wedding

Autumn in the Midwest is BEAUTIFUL, which is why so many couples love to plan outdoor fall weddings. It’s clear to see why! The leaves are changing colors, everyone is craving apple cider and hot cocoa, and the season just bursts with flavor and fall wedding ideas!

All of those reasons—or some of them—is a good reason to plan an outdoor fall wedding in Chicagoland (especially during September or October). An outdoor fall wedding is an opportunity for couples to embrace the beauty of the season and totally indulge in the season and the beauty of the outdoors.

Coordinating a wedding during this beautiful time of year does come with a few challenges associated with the fall season—and holding an outdoor event!

Look at the calendar.

Fall is a beautiful time of year to get married, but it’s also full of other favorite fall activities. Think football, fall festivals, and other activities that Chicago loves. Before setting a wedding date, make sure that date is clear of any local events that are marked on your guests’ calendars. (As another option, it’s okay to rent a big screen for the occasion if you don’t mind your guests away from the dance floor.)

Have a plan B for rain.

Planning an outdoor fall wedding comes with the risk of rain. For that reason, it’s okay to envision a beautiful fall wedding in the sun—or under the stars—but have a plan for inclement weather. If there is rain in the forecast, consider renting a tent to provide cover from the rain. If the wedding date forecast is incredibly soggy, add an outdoor floor to the outdoor wedding equipment checklist. A tent floor keeps everyone’s feet dry and protects their dancing shoes. Even on the most beautiful days, it makes sense to rent a tent to protect guests from the sun and heat (without sacrificing beauty).

Consider ways to dress up the wedding tent.

A wedding tent is another way to continue to build a beautiful autumn wedding. There are so many ways to dress up a tent with beautiful fall wedding décor and bring the beauty of the outdoors in: fall leaf décor, fall scents to create an autumn event atmosphere, lighting, favorite fall foods, and all those other beautiful autumn touches. Another wonderful fall wedding idea? Couples can rent a clear plastic tent so guests can see the stunning fall season or enjoy a (comfortable) night under the stars.

Be ready for warm or cold.

Autumn temperatures can range from one extreme to the other. It can be incredibly hot, pleasant and perfect, or freezing cold. Unfortunately, couples can never be sure! The good news is that the weather doesn’t have to put a damper on the wedding reception. Tent heating and cooling systems can save the day and keep guests comfortable even on the coolest and hottest autumn days.

If the weather is really cool, couples can take the comfort of themselves and their wedding party a step farther—and get some really cool photo shots as well! Some of the best fall wedding photos are of the couple and wedding party in warm, snugly shawls and blankets.

Hot Tips for Cool Summer Weddings

Just because a couple chooses a summer wedding date doesn’t mean it has to be a sizzler (for you and your guests!) It’s true. Some Chicago days can be real scorchers, but couples shouldn’t have to scramble for ways to cool down their summer wedding.

It’s a common concern for couples and their guests—and for good reason. Brides don’t want to worry about sweating their make-up off, grooms don’t want to worry about melting in their suit coats, and guests don’t want to their fancy wedding frocks to wilt. Instead, use these ideas for cooling down those hot summer weddings without putting a damper on wedding in wedding tent at hot summer wedding

Use fans—-lots and lots of fans.

Air circulation can fell like a godsend on a hot summer day (especially when the Chicago weather is incredibly muggy). Fans are a logical addition to a summer wedding rental checklist, both for the ceremony and reception. During set-up, make sure fans are placed in areas for maximum relief that doesn’t ruin those beautiful wedding snapshots.

chill station at chicago outdoor wedding

Offer relief stations for a quick cool down.

Don’t make guests search for relief from the sun. Make the cool-down easy for guests. Couples can (stylishly) add covered tables to their summer wedding rental checklist, and pack it with sunscreen, tissues, and bug spray. For a more casual summer wedding, consider adding flip flops or a chill station filled with cold water bottles. At a more formal affair, rent stainless steel tubs for drink bottles or stylish beverage coolers filled with cold water and delicious fruit slices.

cool evening wedding

Schedule an early evening wedding.

The middle of the day is usually the hottest; couples may want to plan accordingly. An early evening wedding ceremony may offer relief from the heat, as long as there is still time for pictures and a cocktail hour. If an early evening wedding ceremony won’t work, consider renting a tent for the ceremony or locating a tent nearby for quick relief from the sun.

air conditioned wedding tent

Consider air conditioning the wedding reception tent.

A portable air conditioner can feel like a real godsend to couples and guests, especially when the weather is hot and muggy. Portable air conditioners are connected to a thermostat, ensuring that everyone is comfortable. If couples are concerned about the look of an unsightly air conditioners, the units can be positioned away from guest entrances and networking areas. Tents can also be rented with clear sidewalls that can seal in the cool air, keep bugs away, and still give guests a clear view of the outdoors.

drink station at outdoor wedding

Serve cool drinks (especially near the dance floor).

Signature wedding cocktails are a wedding trend that couples love and guests appreciate on the hottest days. Position drink stations and portable bars strategically so guests can easily access drinks when they are overheated. To keep guests on that rented dance floor, plan a layout that ensures drink stations and portable bars are near guests on the dance floor.