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How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

wedding ceremony with white chairs and gazeboThere are almost as many outdoor wedding ceremony ideas as there are stars in the sky. After all, that’s one of the reasons couples enjoy planning an outdoor wedding ceremony; every wedding ceremony detail, from the altar to the chairs, can be coordinated into an outdoor wedding that feels personal.

Tour wedding ceremony site

Planning an outdoor wedding starts with the biggest detail, choosing the perfect wedding ceremony site that fits the couple’s tastes. The options for outdoor wedding ceremony sites are endless (especially in the Chicagoland area) and can be as easy as picturing the wedding in a backyard, beach, or favorite park. For an incredibly unique feel, couples can also choose a sports field, rooftop deck, or an outdoor theater.

Couples should discuss their preference for an outdoor venue and start compiling a list of ceremony sites. Choosing an outdoor wedding venue does come with a note of caution; while it can be fun to browse through online photos, never book an outside wedding site without an in-person tour.

Ask questions

Before scheduling a tour with an outdoor wedding venue, ask the venue questions to narrow down the list to the right one. Ask every wedding venue these questions:

  • Is the venue available on the date? (Or ask the venue for a list of dates it is available.)
  • What is the fee for using the ceremony site? What amount of time is covered by the fee? Are there any additional fees that are part of the venue cost?
  • How much space is available for the ceremony? Is there a maximum amount of guests that can be at the venue?
  • Is there an indoor venue that can be used for the reception? If not, can a tent be installed at the venue? Are there any restrictions on the tent? Is a permit needed for the tent?
  • Are there any volume limitations or curfews that need to be followed?
  • Will there be other events at the venue during the wedding?
  • Does the venue carry liability insurance? (This can be important in case a guest is injured.)
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Is there a list of required vendors that need couples need to use?
  • What is the venue alcohol policy?
  • Is there parking at or near the ceremony site?
  • Is the wedding venue handicap accessible?
  • Are there any inns, hotels, or cabins nearby where guests can stay?

In addition to asking questions, couples should always review the venue contract before signing on the dotted line. Once the outdoor venue is confirmed, it’s time to start coordinating the details that make every outdoor wedding unique.

Make a Plan B

white paper lanterns in wedding tent with neutral wedding decorEven if the weather forecast is beautiful, ALWAYS have a plan B in case of unpredictable weather. If the venue has a facility, make “just in case” plans to move the wedding ceremony (and reception, if applicable) to the alternate site. For outdoor wedding venues without an indoor option, consider booking a tent to protect guests from the rain and sun. If the wedding date is in late summer, it may make sense to rent a tent for protection from the sun. For venues with spectacular views, don’t feel that a tent has to interfere with the picturesque setting. Some tents are completely clear or have sidewalls that allow everyone to take in the breath-taking views.

Turn the outdoor wedding vision into reality

wedding ceremony site chicago ilThe wedding ceremony site is the foundation for all the other details. Now is the time to decide between having the guests stand or sit, what types of chairs/seating (i.e. natural-colored, dark, vintage couches, etc.), details for the altar, whether cover is wanted/needed, and whether to add décor and lighting. Couples can also add an entrance that sets the stage for what is to come. (Use this outdoor wedding rental checklist to ensure that not one detail is overlooked.)

The exact details differ for every couple. For a hot summer wedding, some couples add chill stations with cool beverages or fans to the ceremony tent. If the ceremony is more of an open-air setting, floral décor can add a sophisticated and elegant feel to the setting. An evening wedding isn’t complete without the right lighting that sets the stage for a one-of-a-kind wedding reception. (Don’t hesitate to ask the professionals for addition outside wedding ceremony ideas.)

20 Stunning Outdoor Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas that Wow

From the wedding venue to the lighting, there are so many details of an outdoor wedding that a couple can control. Unfortunately, no one can plan the perfect wedding weather (no matter what the date!), making a wedding tent rental a ‘must’ of every outdoor wedding.

A wedding tent can be more than just weather protection. It’s an opportunity! This is every couple’s chance to express themselves and create a beautiful wedding atmosphere. There are a million different tent decoration ideas that couples could use. These wedding tent decoration ideas are just a short list of ideas that inspire a gorgeous, personalized wedding atmosphere. (Ask an expert for more wedding tent decoration ideas.)

Before going through the list and planning a memorable outdoor wedding, couples shouldn’t forget about those “boring” and important aspects of a wedding tent rental. Every couple should ask their wedding venue if a wedding tent is allowed, where it is allowed, and if there are any restrictions or permits that need to be secured. (Make sure these details are communicated to the tent rental company or that a connection is made between the venue and rental company.) Once all of those details are taken care of, it’s time to start envisioning all those wedding tent decorations coordinated into a stunning wedding day.

Create a stunning first impression with a fantastic entrance

wedding tent entrance idea with green and white drapes

Add more drama with a beautiful high peak tent

high peak wedding tent

Make a clear impression on guests by bringing the outdoors in

Combine a clear tent with the right lighting and venue for an awesome atmosphere

Bring a natural and organic feel with lots of greenery

tent wedding with natural decor

Drape on the drama

tent wedding with chandeliers and string lights

Add color for a whimsical flair

wedding tent with paper lanterns

Or choose a white-on-white neutral tone with a pop of color

white paper lanterns in wedding tent with neutral wedding decor

Saturate a tent with color and texture

wedding tent with elegant table linens and floral centerpieces

Create the feel of a night sky

Dress up your wedding tent with elegant linens

tent with elegant linens and chandeliers

Add a one-of-a-kind floor for an over-the-top feel

black and white floor in wedding tent

Use a rustic table for a natural, rustic, or vintage affair

Or let them enjoy mingling with comfortable (and fashionable) seating


seating arrangement in wedding tent

Make your head table notable

head table in wedding tent

Take a fresh approach to wedding centerpieces

wedding tent with lemon centerpieces

Use formal decor colors to make the evening a black tie affair

tent with dramatic decor

Or use a dark flooring for contrast

tent with high floral centerpieces

Or choose more neutral tones for wedding tables with a formal feel

wedding tent decor

Select a muted color decor with a bright centerpiece for a great first impression

wedding tent





Hot Tips for Cool Summer Weddings

Just because a couple chooses a summer wedding date doesn’t mean it has to be a sizzler (for you and your guests!) It’s true. Some Chicago days can be real scorchers, but couples shouldn’t have to scramble for ways to cool down their summer wedding.

It’s a common concern for couples and their guests—and for good reason. Brides don’t want to worry about sweating their make-up off, grooms don’t want to worry about melting in their suit coats, and guests don’t want to their fancy wedding frocks to wilt. Instead, use these ideas for cooling down those hot summer weddings without putting a damper on wedding in wedding tent at hot summer wedding

Use fans—-lots and lots of fans.

Air circulation can fell like a godsend on a hot summer day (especially when the Chicago weather is incredibly muggy). Fans are a logical addition to a summer wedding rental checklist, both for the ceremony and reception. During set-up, make sure fans are placed in areas for maximum relief that doesn’t ruin those beautiful wedding snapshots.

chill station at chicago outdoor wedding

Offer relief stations for a quick cool down.

Don’t make guests search for relief from the sun. Make the cool-down easy for guests. Couples can (stylishly) add covered tables to their summer wedding rental checklist, and pack it with sunscreen, tissues, and bug spray. For a more casual summer wedding, consider adding flip flops or a chill station filled with cold water bottles. At a more formal affair, rent stainless steel tubs for drink bottles or stylish beverage coolers filled with cold water and delicious fruit slices.

cool evening wedding

Schedule an early evening wedding.

The middle of the day is usually the hottest; couples may want to plan accordingly. An early evening wedding ceremony may offer relief from the heat, as long as there is still time for pictures and a cocktail hour. If an early evening wedding ceremony won’t work, consider renting a tent for the ceremony or locating a tent nearby for quick relief from the sun.

air conditioned wedding tent

Consider air conditioning the wedding reception tent.

A portable air conditioner can feel like a real godsend to couples and guests, especially when the weather is hot and muggy. Portable air conditioners are connected to a thermostat, ensuring that everyone is comfortable. If couples are concerned about the look of an unsightly air conditioners, the units can be positioned away from guest entrances and networking areas. Tents can also be rented with clear sidewalls that can seal in the cool air, keep bugs away, and still give guests a clear view of the outdoors.

drink station at outdoor wedding

Serve cool drinks (especially near the dance floor).

Signature wedding cocktails are a wedding trend that couples love and guests appreciate on the hottest days. Position drink stations and portable bars strategically so guests can easily access drinks when they are overheated. To keep guests on that rented dance floor, plan a layout that ensures drink stations and portable bars are near guests on the dance floor.

25+ Chicago Wedding Picnic Rental Ideas

A wedding picnic can be just the ticket for couples who want an informal and entertaining special day. Planning a picnic wedding starts with choosing the right location (such as one of our beautiful Chicago parks or your favorite backyard) and progresses to those logistical details that make the day a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

There are a few tips that go with planning a picnic wedding (especially with unpredictable Midwestern weather). For the best picnic wedding, use these wedding picnic planning tips:

  • Discuss whether you want your wedding picnic to be a large event or a small, more intimate wedding picnic. This decision can help as you decide on the tent size and number of wedding rental items needed, such as the number of chairs and tables.
  • To make sure you get the wedding picnic rental items you need, plan for your wedding day as far in advance as possible. Contact a rental company with a list of items. Don’t hesitate to ask for ideas for other items that can complete the event.
  • If using an outdoor wedding venue, always ask about logistical ideas. Is there a volume limitation or curfew? These details can put a damper on your desire for an epic wedding dance. Is there room for a large tent? Can the tent be staked down? Is a permit needed? To avoid any penalties, ask about the regulations that could add stress to your wedding planning.
  • Always have a plan B when planning an outdoor wedding. The weather can be unpredictable in Chicago, and an indoor venue or tent can be invaluable if the weather is hot or rainy. In the same way, consider adding sidewalls to a tent or climate control.
  • If the wedding ceremony and reception is in the same location, plan for additional food items and entertainment to keep guests entertained during photos and the cocktail hour. Guests can appreciate wedding entertainers and yard games that reinforce the wedding atmosphere while waiting for the wedding pleasantries to end.
  • To avoid duplication (or missing rental items), always confer with other vendors, such as your caterer, to find out what items are included in your contract.

Then, use this list of wedding picnic items (and this outdoor wedding checklist) to order the items that make your vision of a wedding picnic come alive.

  1. Ceremony chairs
  2. Tents
  3. Sidewalls
  4. Dance floor
  5. Food service tables (such as buffet tables)
  6. Table linens
  7. Heat or AC
  8. Lighting (event or atmosphere-see options for tent lighting here)
  9. Picnic table cloths
  10. Picnic tables
  11. Coffee service
  12. Chafing dishes
  13. Insulated coolers
  14. Portable bars
  15. Drink tubs
  16. Chill tables
  17. Chill tubs
  18. Industrial grills
  19. Centerpieces
  20. Garbage cans (with covers)
  21. Microphone
  22. Projection Screens
  23. Sound System
  24. Kids tables
  25. Kids chairs
  26. Stage

Your Complete Chicago Outdoor Wedding Rental Checklist

Jen Niedospial and Jake Fuller Wedding Photos, Mandatory Copyright to Glen Abog
6027 N . Drake Ave., Chicago, IL 60659,

An outdoor or backyard wedding is a beautiful idea with a long wedding rental checklist. In addition to the “normal” tasks on an indoor wedding planning checklist, an outdoor wedding requires quite a few wedding rental items. The tent (for when our Chicago weather gets too hot, cold, or rainy), the chairs, the tables…all these big outdoor rentals are part of a wonderful wedding atmosphere—PLUS some smaller items (like table linens and cooling) that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This checklist of outdoor wedding rental items can get couples started with the things needed for their special day. (Some caterers may provide some of these items as part of their services. Ask them for information on items included in the catering package.) In addition to items, couples need to consider these important parts of an outdoor wedding:

  • Permits. Some venues or areas require permits for hosting events, putting up structures (like tents), and even using propane tanks. Even backyard weddings may require some paperwork. An experienced party rental company should be able to answer questions about permits, especially at common outdoor wedding sites in Chicagoland.
  • Electricity/utilities. Many of the elements of an outdoor wedding need a power source. Some items may require more heavy-duty connections; discuss power requirements with the wedding venue and party rental company to keep the lights on and the music going.
  • Volume limitations or regulations. In some areas, volume limitations, regulations, and curfews are in effect. Ask Chicago wedding venues about any volume limitations or curfews during the venue tour. For a backyard wedding, contact local municipal offices for specific information.
  • Staffing and vendors. For a smooth wedding planning experience, choose wedding vendors (i.e. photographers, musicians, caterers, wedding rental companies, etc.) carefully. Prepare a list of questions to ask that ensures they are reputable and professional. This can include questions about their experience, availability, cost, and contract fine print. To avoid an endless search and multiple contracts, contact an experienced Chicago outdoor wedding rental companies that can provide as many items from the wedding rental item checklist as possible.

Wedding Ceremony

___ Signs (to guide guests, if needed)

___ Chairs

___ Ceremony stand or stage (if needed)

___ Topiaries/flowers (if desired)

___ Microphone & sound system (if needed)

___ Lights (exterior & interior, if needed)

___ Tent (for blocking sun or in case of inclement weather)

___ Tent sidewalls (if needed during inclement weather) & climate control (heating, cooling, fans, etc.)

___ Restrooms (for full event, if other facilities are not available)

___ Lounge furniture (if needed)

___ Tables (round, banquet, umbrella, or other specialty tables, if desired)

___ Chairs (if desired)

Cocktail Hour (many of these items should be rented for cocktail hour, dinner & reception)

___ Tent (with entrance and sidewalls, optional)

___ Lighting (exterior & interior)

___ Tent climate control (heating, cooling, fans, etc.)

___ Signs (to guide guests, if needed)

___ Guest book table

___ Stools

___ Cocktail tables

___ Linens (i.e. spandex linens, layering, etc.)

___ Portable bars

___ Barware

___ Table skirt (for coffee table, cake table, portable bars, etc.)

___ Coffee table

___ Centerpieces

___ Napkins

___ Tables (round, banquet, umbrella, or other specialty tables, if desired)

___ Tableware (if needed)

___ Glassware (if needed)

___ Kegerators (or kegerator bars)

___ Chill and fill stations/tubs for chilling drinks

___ Lounge furniture

___ Cake/dessert table

___ Screens & microphone (for announcements)

___ Sound system (if needed for cocktail hour musicians)

Wedding Dinner & Reception

___ Tent (additional, for caterer prep or specifically for dinner and reception)

___ Lighting (interior & exterior)

___ Climate Control (heating, cooling, fans)

___ Signs (to guide guests, if needed)

___ Guest book table

___ Stools

___ Cocktail tables

___ Linens (i.e. spandex linens, layering, etc.)

___ Portable bars

___ Barware

___ Table skirt (for coffee table, cake table, portable bars, etc.)

___ Coffee table

___ Centerpieces (for head table, guest tables, coffee table, etc.)

___ Napkins

___ Tables (round, banquet, umbrella, or other specialty tables)

___ Chairs

___ Linens (table cloths, runners, sash, etc.)

___ Centerpieces (for tables & bars)

___ Tableware

___ Glassware

___ Kegerators (or kegerator bars)

___ Chill and fill stations/tubs for chilling drinks

___ Cake/dessert table

___ Screens & microphone

___ Buffet stations (l-shaped, x-shaped, u-shaped)

___ Food service equipment

___ Stage

___ Stage lighting

___ Sound system

___ Lounge furniture

Chicago Heated Tent Rental: ‘Musts’ of an Awesome Party Tent

It may be cold outside, but the breezy Chicago temps can’t ice your vision of an awesome outdoor event. Heated party tents can make any event comfortable and enjoyable, bringing extra space to a restaurant March Madness party or fashionable cover to any event planned during questionable weather. (In Chicago, that questionable weather can happen any time of year!)

Think of a heated party tent as an extra layer of insurance. A heated tent ensures that the event can go on—even when it’s cold or rainy. It can also go on comfortably (no matter what the weather), if the following considerations are factored in during event planning.


Guests should expect to feel cozy in a heated tent without feeling crowded. The first step of a heated tent rental is to determine what size of tent is needed and the location of the event. Tent rental companies need an estimated guest count to connect the planner with the right-sized tent.

The location of the event tent does need to be more exact than the guest count. Before renting, determine the size of the area for the tent, if there is space around the tent for stakes, and whether the surface is hard or suitable for stakes. Proper installation hinges on proper support (with or without stakes). This criterion also plays a part in the total cost of the heated tent rental. Once both criteria are set, contact a local Chicago tent rental company for a quote.

Heat & Climate Control

A heated tent is a must for any outdoor event, especially on cool Chicago nights. Climate control is a must for guest comfort. In addition to heaters, rent a heated tent with a climate control thermostat. The thermostat keeps the tent (and guests) at a comfortable temperature.

Crowded tents also tent to be incredibly hot. If planning an event where a crowd is expected, consider adding fans to the event rental list. Free-standing or mounted fans can properly circulate air, which ensures that guests stay longer and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.


heated tent sidewall with cathedral windowsToday, event organizers have more options for sidewalls than ever before. Tent sidewalls may be essential for keeping a heated tent comfortable, but they can also be a detail that contributes to the overall event atmosphere. Clear and windowed sidewalls can give an event an indoor-outdoor feel, even when the temps are cool. The type of sidewall can also give the event a casual or formal feel. To determine the best sidewalls for the event, ask the professionals to recommend the best sidewalls appropriate for the occasion.

Chicago Restaurants: 5 Tips for a BIGGER March Madness Party

'friends toasting at March Madness party at restaurantIt’s time to celebrate those March Madness wins and grieve those big losses. As a restaurant manager, you can be along for the ride—and the big dance—if you don’t drop the ball planning this year’s March Madness event.

Don’t wait until the first jump ball

The first step is to not to wait until Selection Day to start prepping and promoting your restaurant March Madness party. Plan a promotional schedule that starts weeks before Selection Day. Strategically place décor and signs that announce March Madness events and specials, such as behind the bar and by the door for customers that leave and enter. Create a buzz by posting big announcements, images, and dates on social media that draw a crowd.

Choose the right promos

The best, slam-dunk March Madness restaurant promotions are baskeball-themed and carefully chosen for the target audience. Put simply, restaurants need to offer promotions that matter to existing and new customers, such as discounts when the local favorites win or giveaways for upsets. Consider running specials (i.e. 4.40 wings for the Final Four, 16 deals to celebrate the Sweet Sixteen, rewards for successful brackets) the coordinate with the local March Madness buzz (or put your own spin on one of these March Madness promotion ideas).

Brew up a winner

According to WalletHub, a surplus 1.3 million barrels of beer is produced every March (over other months of the year). The takeaway for restaurants is to include beer into your March Madness event and promotion strategy. Consider running happy hour specials before and after games to draw customers in and extend the party. Ask social media followers to name the kind of beer that fits the game they’re buzzing about. Select brews that fit certain events, or put your own twist on a favorite brew.

Brag about your big screens

A March Madness party isn’t complete without big screens so customers can catch all those big March Madness plays. Buy or rent big screens for the occasion, and don’t hesitate to show off all those televisions and projector screens online. Share images and videos of the screens and the party space as you put it together; customers love to see inside scoops and shots of what’s to come.

Put together the ultimate party space

If you have space for the ultimate March Madness restaurant event, use it. If you don’t, use tents (heated so your customers are warm during our Chicago winters) to expand the space and draw customers in. Position your tents strategically. A tent in front of a restaurant can be a draw for sidewalk traffic. A well-promoted tent behind a restaurant can be a huge addition that can make your March Madness event an overtime win.

Make Your March Madness Restaurant Party a Slam Dunk

march madness party at chicago restaurantMarch Madness celebrations are the BEST when the home team is winning and everyone’s brackets (and squares) aren’t a bust. While restaurant owners and managers can’t control the March Madness games, there are ways to ensure your March Madness party feels like an overtime victory (to you and your guests).

Comfortable Guests

You want your guests complaining about the refs’ calls, not how cramped or cold your party is. While the Windy City is a great location for a March Madness party, the weather can be terrible. This can be a blessing and a curse; because the weather isn’t great, it can be great for a party turnout. The curse is that the temperatures can dip way below comfortable. Accommodating an extra-large turnout—and the weather—can be easily solved with a tent. A tent with sidewalls and an excellent heating system can accommodate both needs, without making guests feel uncomfortable in a cramped space. (The tent can also be installed so guests don’t even notice the transition from restaurant to tent.)

Good Bar

A good bar is a must for any restaurant or sports bar celebrating one of the biggest sports events of the year. Many bars are an over-the-top March Madness party feature that every guest appreciates (especially when the place is packed!) Meet their expectations by renting an additional bar for your March Madness event (and strategically position it for maximum use). Discuss your options for a second bar with event professionals; a keg bar can be an easy way to serve the most popular brews so your guests don’t have to wait for all those other drink orders.   

Slam Dunk Menu

Restaurant menus don’t have to be cheesy, but they do have to be delicious and suitable for the occasion. The menu can be customized specifically for March Madness or those favorites that suit the event; either way, be sure to include the menu items that draw a crowd into marketing efforts. If your event is an all-inclusive, pay-at-the-door, rent food service dishes to keep the food hot—and the crowd ready for the next game.

Additional Seating

The best March Madness games keep spectators on the edge of their seat (or stool). Don’t be one of those restaurants that doesn’t give them a place to sit. Rent additional seating and tables to accommodate a crowd. For a sports bar atmosphere, rent high boy tables and stools. More formal parties should rent tables and seats for a sit-down (when the games not getting tight) feel.

10 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

dramatic outdoor wedding lighting in chicago ilPlanning an outdoor wedding is all about creating the perfect wedding atmosphere with the right tent, décor, food, and lighting. The latter detail may be often overlooked, but wedding lighting plays a vital role in creating a stunning wedding atmosphere.

tent lighting chandelier

Nothing says elegance like a chandelier. This lighting adds add a sophistication to an outdoor wedding; guests will be in awe of the beautiful chandeliers and elegant décor.

Jen Niedospial and Jake Fuller Wedding Photos
Mandatory Copyright to Glen Abog, 6027 N . Drake Ave., Chicago, IL 60659, 773.983.0122,,
Theater Lighting

Make your guests feel like stars at your outdoor wedding. Ask about up lighting that can reflect off the tent and create a bright and dramatic flare to a tent wedding.

outdoor wedding lighting
Pin Spots

An extra special element of décor deserves to be in the spotlight, and pin spots are a great way to highlight them. Consider pin spot lights to help guests focus on food stations, centerpieces, and other beautiful wedding details.

tent wedding with beautiful lights on ceiling

String Lights

Nothing creates a night under the stars effect to a tent wedding like string lights. String lights can be used to add a touch of elegance to a formal rustic wedding or a romantic flair to a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Globe Lights

This casual tent lighting option is perfect for an informal affair. Globe lights are simple lights, adding a relaxed mood to a laid-back tent atmosphere.

paper lanterns at outdoor wedding
Paper Lanterns

Crisp white glow. Colorful and festive. Unique and whimsical. Paper lanterns can be described by all these terms; discuss how paper lanterns can be customized for a crisp white glow or a colorful and lively look.

lighting – pattern
Projection Lights

To add interest to an outdoor wedding, add projection lights to the list of wedding details. These lights can be customized to project a relevant object or pattern onto the tent ceiling, such as snowflakes or the couple’s initials. Projection lights can also be a fun addition to any wedding photograph.

lamp post at outdoor wedding
Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are a one-of-a-kind lighting addition to an outdoor wedding. These posts can be scattered for a touch of atmosphere (such as on a deck or patio) or grouped for a unique entrance.

Landscape Lighting

You chose your outdoor wedding venue for a reason; highlight those extraordinary details with landscape lighting. This wedding lighting can also be useful for accenting natural décor inside the tent.

Mood Lighting

Colorful mood lighting can add drama to any wedding tent, drawing guests in and creating an enveloping atmosphere. Discuss your options for mood lighting with an event specialist who can recommend the right color and lighting that fits with a stunning outdoor wedding atmosphere.

10 Stunning Wedding Tent Ideas

Outdoor weddings in Chicago are gorgeous and risky. The Windy City is full of outdoor wedding venues with stunning scenery—and the heat, humidity, and rain that can put a damper on a wedding day. (And don’t forget those annoying insects!)

A wedding tent is the perfect plan B (and plan A) that gives guests refuge from the unpredictable Chicagoland weather. It can also provide an intimate party, separate different wedding areas (i.e. ceremony area, dinner, dance floor, bar, etc.), and create an unforgettable wedding atmosphere. Modern tents come in styles that can fit your guest list and your unique style (contact a pro to choose the right tent for your special day). For interior wedding tent decor, use these unforgettable wedding tent ideas to create your own special day.

Dramatic Entrance

A tented wedding wouldn’t be complete without an entrance. A marquee entrance does just that, making a fantastic first impression on wedding guests.

white tent with bright centerpieces

Splash of Color

Give your guests a hint of interest against a neutral background. For a seasonal feel, choose a splash of color that signifies the season.

tent wedding with beautiful floral centerpieces

Over-the-top Floral Arrangements

Nothing brings the outdoor inside like beautiful floral (or greenery) arrangements. They can also bring height to a space or add romance to an elegant wedding reception.

wedding tent with dramatic lighting

Dramatic Up Lighting

The effect of up lighting is magnified in an intimate tented setting. Lighting can add drama and set the stage for a wonderful evening reception.

Unique and Colorful

A one-of-a-kind tent wedding is a combination of all those unique touches that make it different (and festive!).

tent wedding with beautiful lights on ceiling

Heavenly Dance Floor

A dance floor is a stage; make sure your stage is a beautiful setting for memorable moments and for busting a move. A proper stage floor can also have a practical purpose, especially when guests aren’t getting their heel stuck in the turf (or sand!).

clear tent with full floor

Sky View

Clear tents are more than just a trend; they are an excellent way to make guests feel the beauty of your outdoor wedding venue.

tent wedding with natural decor

Green Touches

For a more natural flair, bring elements of the outdoors in and coordinate with natural wedding tent décor. The beauty of this design is that décor doesn’t always need to match, just coordinate for a natural and well-designed wedding style.

tent wedding with chandeliers and string lights

Elegant Lighting

Stylish lighting can add ambience to an elegant wedding and beautiful low-light to a wedding reception.

tent wedding with beautiful water view

Room with a View

A wedding venue with a beautiful view is a horrible thing to waste, which is why clear sidewalls can be a godsend. Not only can guests enjoy the view, these panels can keep away those pesky insects that can put a damper on a big day.