trade show with blue and white pipe and drapes

10 Over-the-Top Trade Show Booth Rentals

A mediocre trade show booth isn’t going to draw a crowd and attract customers—but these stellar trade show booth rentals might.


An excellent presentation isn’t going to get noticed without a screen to showcase it. The size of the screen depends on the intended audience. A smaller screen is perfect for a one-on-one discussion while a large screen can make passerby take notice.


If companies want trade show attendees to stick around, comfortable furniture should be added to the trade show booth rental list. Comfortable chairs, sofas, and tables establish a comfortable lounge atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable and welcome.

Bar Stools and High Tables

Bar stools are a great perch for trade show visitors, and high tables can be the site of interactive displays or monitors. To keep attendees in the booth, a high table can also serve as a much-needed charging station.

Sound System

A trade show sound system is guaranteed to get the attention of a crowd. The right sound can establish an atmosphere and make guests feel totally encompassed in the message.


If the focus of a trade show booth is a mainstage event, bleachers can be an essential trade show booth rental. These rentals are the perfect place for spectators and may also require a stage or additional tables and props for a show.


Making visitors feel important is a top priority for companies, both at their primary location and at a trade show. A red carpet can make visitors feel like royalty. A carpet that fits with the booth theme gives the display a top-to-bottom look.

Popcorn Machine

Passing out refreshments to trade show visitors is a long-standing practice. Companies who want to take that practice to a new level by renting a nacho, slushie, or popcorn machine and passing out the delicious products. For a special friends-only event, food service containers can also keep foods warm and presentable for meal times.


This may not be an everyday trade show rental, but for some companies, this one-of-a-kind rental is just the right fit for their brand and trade show booth. A kegerator can be a great draw that brings potential customers in and creates a conversation starter.

Coffee Service

Coffee is a common ground, and a great way to bring potential customers into the booth. For a different twist, a fresh cup of coffee can be a welcome offer to visitors who want to have a discussion with a sales representative.

Fall Party Themes Event Planners (and Guests) Fall For

Autumn is a terrific time for events. The Midwestern weather is perfect, and there are so many different fall party themes and event ideas to choose from. These classic event themes are the perfect start to planning a fall bash that captures the essence of the season. 


This popular fall party theme combines the tastes of fall, a cold brew, and the comfortable fall weather. Unlike a summer biergarten, a fall event comes with the risk of chilling cold weather or even—in late fall!—snow. Add in the chance for a late fall heat wave or shower and this outdoor fall event isn’t complete without a party tent. For a bigger impact, a clear tent protects guests from the weather while allowing guests to enjoy the fall scenery.

Sunday Football

This favorite fall sport is the topic of many conversation, so why shouldn’t it be the focus of a party? This is the perfect way to gather friends or customers to watch and cheer for a favorite local team. Whether it’s the Bears or an Illinois college (or another favorite), this is an occasion to go all-out with party ideas. The ideas for this fall party theme are endless: drink and food perfect for the game, décor that screams “go team,” and the big screen that everyone can see.

Harvest Fest

This fall party theme demands décor and a menu focused around favorite fall treats. A fall kids party with this theme can be a series of stations with kid crafts and activities, such as making caramel apples, face painting, and a winding corn maze. An adult harvest fest doesn’t have to be that much different, but can include tastes more suited to an adult palette, such as wines and dishes with fall flavors.

Pumpkin Painting Party

A pumpkin painting party can be the perfect way to gather friends or customers for an enjoyable time together.  Akin to a sign painting party, this can be the perfect getaway or chance to make one-of-a-kind fall home décor. The key to this fall party theme is to adequately protect tables and chairs from ending up as colorful as the decorated pumpkins.

Chef Event

An autumn chef event is more than a sampling; it’s a full-sensory experience with all the different flavors and scents associated with the season. A chef event can be a small-scale event with select dishes that entice friend (or customers), a series of tasting stations, or a group affair that attracts a large audience.

Halloween Costume Party

This is a favorite fall party theme among guests of all ages. For an upscale twist, this theme can turn into an autumn masquerade ball or a casual costume party centered around a movie or another fun theme. Don’t stop there! A Halloween Costume Party isn’t complete without themed refreshments and prizes for the best costumes (or themed costumes).

BIG Tips for Planning an AWESOME Outdoor Fall Wedding

Autumn in the Midwest is BEAUTIFUL, which is why so many couples love to plan outdoor fall weddings. It’s clear to see why! The leaves are changing colors, everyone is craving apple cider and hot cocoa, and the season just bursts with flavor and fall wedding ideas!

All of those reasons—or some of them—is a good reason to plan an outdoor fall wedding in Chicagoland (especially during September or October). An outdoor fall wedding is an opportunity for couples to embrace the beauty of the season and totally indulge in the season and the beauty of the outdoors.

Coordinating a wedding during this beautiful time of year does come with a few challenges associated with the fall season—and holding an outdoor event!

Look at the calendar.

Fall is a beautiful time of year to get married, but it’s also full of other favorite fall activities. Think football, fall festivals, and other activities that Chicago loves. Before setting a wedding date, make sure that date is clear of any local events that are marked on your guests’ calendars. (As another option, it’s okay to rent a big screen for the occasion if you don’t mind your guests away from the dance floor.)

Have a plan B for rain.

Planning an outdoor fall wedding comes with the risk of rain. For that reason, it’s okay to envision a beautiful fall wedding in the sun—or under the stars—but have a plan for inclement weather. If there is rain in the forecast, consider renting a tent to provide cover from the rain. If the wedding date forecast is incredibly soggy, add an outdoor floor to the outdoor wedding equipment checklist. A tent floor keeps everyone’s feet dry and protects their dancing shoes. Even on the most beautiful days, it makes sense to rent a tent to protect guests from the sun and heat (without sacrificing beauty).

Consider ways to dress up the wedding tent.

A wedding tent is another way to continue to build a beautiful autumn wedding. There are so many ways to dress up a tent with beautiful fall wedding décor and bring the beauty of the outdoors in: fall leaf décor, fall scents to create an autumn event atmosphere, lighting, favorite fall foods, and all those other beautiful autumn touches. Another wonderful fall wedding idea? Couples can rent a clear plastic tent so guests can see the stunning fall season or enjoy a (comfortable) night under the stars.

Be ready for warm or cold.

Autumn temperatures can range from one extreme to the other. It can be incredibly hot, pleasant and perfect, or freezing cold. Unfortunately, couples can never be sure! The good news is that the weather doesn’t have to put a damper on the wedding reception. Tent heating and cooling systems can save the day and keep guests comfortable even on the coolest and hottest autumn days.

If the weather is really cool, couples can take the comfort of themselves and their wedding party a step farther—and get some really cool photo shots as well! Some of the best fall wedding photos are of the couple and wedding party in warm, snugly shawls and blankets.

Outdoor Event Lighting Rentals

When it comes to outdoor event lighting, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every event requires different event lighting rentals. Tower lights flood an area with lights. Up-lighting provides a more formal and fun tent atmosphere while strategic lighting highlights décor. Paper lanterns can pull elements of a theme together and give it a more whimsical feel. Chandeliers complete a formal atmosphere. These event lights are only the start of possibilities for event lighting. Plus, event lights can be combined to create a new and one-of-kind event atmosphere.

The type of lighting is not the only factor in event lighting success. The amount of lighting is another critical factor; the right event lighting is not too dim or too bright and illuminates all the right event elements (or projects them onto a surface for added interest!)

The last element of coordinating lighting for an outdoor event is the power source. Some outdoor venues, even with outlets, may not have an electrical system that can support substantial event lights or numerous individual units. (Consult with local rental professionals who can assess event needs and provide the right event lighting.)

Tower Lights

Tower lights provide a large amount of overhead event lighting without any overhead lines. These lights can illuminate a sports field or any large outdoor space.

Jen Niedospial and Jake Fuller Wedding Photos Mandatory Copyright to Glen Abog 6027 N . Drake Ave., Chicago, IL 60659 773.983.0122


Up-lighting is ideal for outdoor events with tents. These lights provide a bright glow that can be as bright or as dim as the atmosphere requires. Up-lights can provide adequate lighting for the largest and smallest events. These lights are suitable for company picnics, weddings, festivals, and concerts.

tent with beautiful colored lighting

Colored Lighting

Colored up-lighting adds drama to any event, making it a top pick for weddings and concerts. The choice of colors can be coordinated to fit the event and other event décor. Colored lighting can be used strategically to add interest to strategic areas or to décor elements.

tent wedding with chandeliers and string lights

String Lights

String lights are a great way to make an outdoor event feel like a night under the stars. With the right tent and drapes, string lights can also add a touch of elegance to a formal event. String lights can also make an outdoor event tent feel larger or more smaller and intimate. The same lights can do any of these functions, especially when coordinate with the right tents, tables, and décor. Because of their versatility, string lights are perfect for weddings, restaurant events, and corporate events.

chandelier lighting in tent


Chandeliers make a statement at any outdoor event, adding formality to any event. These beautiful, elegant lights can be combined with string lighting and pin lights for a dramatic effect. Chandeliers are a wonderful addition to a wedding, gala, or another formal outdoor event.

wedding tent with paper lanterns

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are whimsical, formal, or fun depending on the combination with other décor. At an event with neutral décor, white paper lanterns can blend for a seamless look. For an outdoor event with a more creative décor, colored paper lanterns are the pop of color that can put the event décor over the top. With a variety of looks, paper lanterns are suitable for weddings, open houses, staff events, and other outdoor events.

event lighting with dice for casino party theme


Projection lighting can set any outdoor event apart. This unique lighting can project newlywed names on a ceiling or the outline of dice onto the tent at a casino-themed event. This custom lighting adds an extra flair to any event, leaving guests in awe of the custom lighting that creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

lamp posts on patio for outdoor event lighting

Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are an event lighting option that fits with a variety of themes. These outdoor event lights are a classic touch that suits a throwback-themed event and vintage wedding. Lamp posts are a great way to illuminate a patio or gathering space or mark an entryway.

Fall Festival Ideas: The Ultimate Planning Guide

Autumn is a time for celebration—and there’s so much celebrate at a Chicago Fall Festival! It’s an absolutely fantastic time to celebrate fall flavors and cool weather. There are so many different types of festivals that draw a crowd: church fall festivals, Oktoberfest, farm festivals, arts and crafts sales. These are just the start of a list of fall event ideas that are just as much fun to plan as they are to attend.

Planning a Fall Festival

To choose the right type of fall festival, first consider the goal of the event. Is the goal to sell products? Or to draw a crowd for future engagement (i.e. to get more visitors at a church, more customers at a restaurant, etc.)?

Next, decide on who is the target demographic for the event. Is it children? Is it adults? For the latter demographic with adult beverages, also research if additional event insurance is needed and how to restrict beverage service to adults. (This can be accomplished with special entrances, staff training, and wristbands, but every adults-only should have a plan.)

Once the fall event goal and demographic are chosen, it’s time to choose the location and date that fits the demographic. If the event is for children, the festival hours should be during the day when families are active and looking for entertainment. An adults-only fall event can be held in the afternoon and evening when adults are ready to enjoy the finer tastes of fall.

When the event details are finalized, the next step is come up with a list of fall festival event ideas. What activities would draw a crowd? These event ideas can be used to market the event. The event should be marketed on channels that target the event demographic, such as community bulletin boards and local social media sites.

Last but not least, planners need to consider the logistics of the event. If the event is outdoor, a plan B should always be considered. Though fall is a beautiful time of year, rain and cold weather can put a damper on any event. (Even too much sun can be a deterrent.)

A tent is an obvious way to accommodate more guests, shield attendees from the elements, and organize activities. If the tent needs to be installed over a parking lot or over another surface, mention that detail when contacting a tent rental company; many tents can be secured in other ways that won’t damage the surface. Make a full list of supplies needed, including tents, tables, chairs, food service items and craft supplies. If there is concern about hot or cold weather, ask the rental company about adding climate control and clear sidewalls that can keep guests comfortable and bring the outdoors in. If the event includes vendors, ask vendors to submit their event needs by a set deadline.

Fall Festival Ideas

Craft Tent

A craft tent can be whatever the event needs. Craft tents are a great way to separate children’s activities and shield them from rain and cold. At a farm festival, craft tents are perfect area for coloring tables and painting pumpkins.

At an arts and crafts sale, a craft tent is an ideal place to gather local vendors and protect their products from fading and rain. At a farm festival, a craft tent can be the ideal place to sell fall crafts and treats. Fall-themed signs are an excellent way to direct attendees to tents or through a tent and create an autumn atmosphere that guests (both young and old!) fall in love with.

Activity Stations

Activity fall stations are perfect for family events. These stations can include edible and inedible seasonal activities, such as:

  1. Face Painting
  2. Bobbing for Apples
  3. Sack Races
  4. Fall Bingo
  5. Scavenger Hunt
  6. Bowling
  7. Corn Box (like a sand box, but with corn)
  8. Ring Toss
  9. Photo Station
  10. Popcorn/Treat Station

Picnic Area

A picnic area is an ideal space for family and adults-only event. This area is a gathering space for families to relax or adults to mingle and enjoy.

Depending on the event demographic, the interior could contain picnic tables or cocktail tables. If linens are needed, they should be carefully chosen to coordinate with other event items.

Tasting Tent

A beer or wine-tasting tent is perfect for an adults-only event, though this option does come with some other considerations. These tents need to be secured with only access allowed to adults that are allowed service. This means that some kind of barrier needs to be secured around the tent and entrances need to be secured and staffed. This can be accomplished with entrance tents and fencing (talk to an event specialist about options), as well as trained staff members that can restrict access and make sure everyone is having a great time.

For tables, cocktail tables and portable bars are ideal ways to serve. These items can also double as tasting stations where guests can sample local brews, wines, and foods. 

Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Party Rentals

Outdoor party rentals are a fun addition to any event—no matter what kind! The right party rentals can make any event more comfortable, memorable, or put it over-the-top.

It doesn’t matter the type of party…anyone planning a backyard party, neighborhood block party, bar mitzvah, graduation party, or staff party (any kind of party!) can use these party planning tips.

How to Plan an Outdoor Party

Think about the logistics

Planners should start by putting the important party details in stone: date, location, and guest list. If the party location is not set, contact local venues to see if the sites are available on the preferred date and for the number of people that can be accommodated. For easier party planning ahead, ask whether the venue allows tents (in case of bad weather).

Send out invites

Once the major details are confirmed, party planners can start working on invites (both paper and digital). The invitations should match the feel of the party and contain all the important details: the occasion, date, location, and name of party to send a RSVP.

Set a schedule (even for the most casual parties)

The party schedule doesn’t have to be set in stone—or even sent out to guests—but it’s important for party planners to have a general idea of activities. This schedule helps party planners make a list of supplies and party rentals.

Think about what guests need/want

It’s time to break down what is needed (and wanted) at the party. Party planners should ask themselves, “What do we need for the meal (regarding both menu and supplies)? What kinds of entertainment fit our event and guest list?” In addition to considering party supplies, party planners should start to think about the needs of the venue. This could include cover in areas with direct sunlight or an uneven area unsuitable for dancing.  

Plan for every worst-case scenario

No one wants their party ruined by rain, oppressive heat, and bugs. Fortunately, party planners can plan for all three problems in advance. Even if the weather seems favorable, party planners should always have a plan B. A plan B could be an indoor space or a tent that provides cover (especially with sidewalls that protect from the rain).

Choosing an Outdoor Party Rental Company

Research “outdoor party rental companies near me”

Choosing the right outdoor party rental company is about more than just an online search. Party planners should research the companies online. There are a few different ways to research, such as asking friends and family for recommendations and checking online review sites and company social media pages.

Come up with a list of possible outdoor party rentals

Before contacting any companies, it is helpful for party planners to have a basic list of supplies needed for the party. This list may include tables and chairs, tents, food service dishes, chill tubs and tables, and some fun rentals for entertainment (like a slushie machine!)

Contact the companies for a quote

The next step is getting a quote for the basic party supplies, but don’t feel confined to those basic supplies. In addition to a quote, ask for suggestions for other items that guests appreciate.

Fun Things to Rent for Parties

The great thing about outdoor party rentals is that the list is endless! These are just a few of the rentals that can take a party to the next level:

  • Portable bars
  • Chill tables and tubs
  • Slushie machines
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Big screen
  • Sound system and microphone
  • Dance floor
  • Big grill
  • Margarita machine
  • Cool lighting
  • Tent heating and cooling
  • Much, much more…

10 Outdoor Party Rentals that Up the Fun Factor

A backyard party or corporate event isn’t complete without all the outdoor party rentals that put the party over-the-top. The best part of party planning is that the list of event rentals is endless (and this list is just the start-ask for more party rental ideas) and can be customized to suit the type of event and unique event theme.


This is one of the most obvious party rentals—and an event rental that guests really appreciate. A tent can be a great way to keep guests comfortable when the weather is unpleasant or as a way to add extra space so a venue doesn’t feel too crowded. In addition to shielding party guests from the rain or heat, a party tent can also be an incredible show-stopper with beautiful lighting and décor.

Big Screen

Nothing keeps guests’ attention like a big screen. This is the perfect way to showcase the accomplishments of a non-profit, highlight the goals hit by a company, or surprise the guest-of-honor with a presentation about them.

Sound System

No likes to shout over the crowd, and no one likes to be shouted at. A microphone ensures that everyone can hear directions and ensures a pleasant event experience. If the program includes karaoke or a dance, a sound system can be used to project the entertainment.

tent wedding with beautiful lights on ceiling

Dance Floor

Guests love grooving at an outdoor party. They appreciate it more when they don’t have to worry about getting their heels stuck in the grass or shoes dirty from a wet lawn. Dance floors come in all sizes and can be customized for the occasion and event.

Portable Bar

Portable bars, chill tables, and stainless steel tubs add functionality and style to any outdoor event. Guests appreciate the beverage service and the design of these party rentals. Portable bars are ideal for formal and casual affairs, especially when skirted or outfitted with coordinated décor. Chill tables fit perfectly into an informal picnic. Stainless steel tubs coordinate well into a picnic or more formal rustic event.

Big Grill

Nothing makes an impression like a big grill (not just big, these grills are huge). A long grill is a great way for managers to make a statement to employees at a company picnic or for a company host to prove his/her status as the grill master.

tent lighting chandelier

Slushie/Margarita Machine

When the weather gets hot, a slushie or margarita machine is the hit of every kind of party: staff get-together, company picnic, backyard barbecue. This party rental also appeals to guests of every age, both the youngest and most experienced.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a summer favorite, making it a party must that draws a crowd. A cotton candy machine is perfect for a summer picnic, backyard party, or a carnival or country fair themed event. The sweetest part about this party rental is guests’ smiles after enjoying this summer treat.

Lighting, stages…

These last two party rentals are just the start of a long list. A stage is perfect for a party with main stage entertainment or for a corporate event with an important presentation. String lighting is perfect for a neighborhood party or an outdoor wedding. Uplighting adds the right amount of drama to a formal event, while fun furniture can create fun gathering spaces for guests to mingle and enjoy.

Amazing Corporate Event Tent Rentals (With Pictures)

Corporate event tent rentals have to check off all the boxes: functional, impressive, comfortable (for guests), and a protective covering to keep guests out of the unpredictable Chicago weather. Every event has different boxes, which is why there are different types of tents for rent that are up to the task—-plus can check off any other boxes on an event planning checklist. (As an added bonus, this list is just the start of tents available for corporate events; contact event planning professionals to match your event with the right tent and event planning accessories.)

Tent Rentals

Frame Tents

Frame tents are perfect for:

  • corporate venues with limited space for the tent,
  • tent installations over decks, patios, driveways,
  • tents set up adjacent to other structures or buildings.

One of the biggest benefits of a frame tent is that there are no center poles that obstruct guests’ view or the set-up of equipment rentals inside the tent. While there is framework visible on the interior, the metal can be covered by décor and event lighting. With minimal staking or weights, frame tents can be set up over almost any surface.

pole tent at corporate event

Pole Tents

Pole tents add an upscale look to any corporate event. With a wide variety of sizes, these versatile tents provide a classic look with an affordable event that fits within the corporate event budget. As the name implies, pole tents are supported with center and side poles anchored into the ground.

High Peak Century Tents

With high cathedral ceilings, these tents makes guests say, “wow.” This beautiful first impression is a huge hit with guests, making it perfect for formal corporate events. The maximum ceiling height is an ideal canvas for grand décor and lighting.

Clearspan Tents

These tents allow the durability of a poled tent without poles. Clearspan tents are perfect for corporate event venues where staking is not possible or when the tent is needed for the long-term. Without poles, these structures feel open with unobstructed views. Every square inch of the space can be maximized for optimal use.

Marquee Tents

Marquee tents are functional, attractive, and come in a variety of sizes. Corporate event guests appreciate the added protection from the weather. These tents can be used for small tent affairs, walkways, entrances, or any other corporate event. For added protection, marquee tents can be installed with sidewalls for an all-encompassing atmosphere.

clear tent with full floor

Clear Tents

These tents provide a one-of-a-kind experience with a clear tent material. Clear tents can be used in shaded corporate event venue, for an evening event, or to bring in spectacular views. When the goal is to bring the outdoors in, clear tents provide a view and protection from the elements.

Other Corporate Event Rentals

checkered linen party rental for carnival party theme



event with uplighting

Portable Bars

chill station at chicago outdoor wedding

Chill Tables


air conditioned wedding tent

Climate Control Systems

corporate event tent with decor for event theme

10 Awesome Corporate Event Themes that Draw a Crowd

The best company events start with a corporate event theme that dictates every detail and ultimately boosts attendance.

Wine/Beer Tasting

Local flavors and tastes are all the fair. For an adults-only event, invite your guests to sample local craft beers and wines (along with great company and cuisine). If alcohol isn’t on the menu, host a seasonal event with treats from local vendors (i.e. farms, restaurants, etc.)  

Throwback Theme

If the corporate event is an anniversary celebration, take guests back in time with a throwback corporate event. Set the stage for a night back in time with all the details—large and small—from the milestone decade. Complete the event theme with a presentation on the big screen that celebrates every accomplishment that makes this over-the-top event possible.

Casino Night

Guests enjoy the gamble of the ultimate casino night. This is the perfect theme for a networking event that leaves guests mingling and enjoying every detail. For a truly interactive and mobile experience, intermix the entertainment, drink, and food stations or separate both areas to provide endless opportunities for networking.

Charitable Community Event

These corporate events are popular among employees and corporate guests. Companies can host a collection of specific items for a local charity or gather employees for a specific endeavor (i.e. painting, reading to kids, etc.) The charitable component can also be incorporated into a corporate event, such as asking guests to bring perishable foods or books for a charity collection. Either way, guest comfort should be considered during event planning with a tent (to accommodate for the weather) and food service.

Ultimate Barbeque

A corporate barbeque can be a completely casual experience or a high-end tasting event. For a more casual flair, host a huge grill that leaves guests in awe and anticipating the experience that is to come. Surpass their expectations with activities, décor, and all the touches of the ultimate corporate event.

Night Under the Stars

This whimsical corporate event theme is deserving of every detail that completes the atmosphere. From the lighting to the dance floor, every detail should be checked off the list. There are many possibilities that come with this theme: dance floor, string lighting, table décor, projection screen, complete menu.

Sports Night

A sports-themed corporate event appeals to the most loyal and casual sports fans. This corporate event idea can be a casual viewing party with a projection screen and the best sports-themed snacks (i.e. popcorn, slushies, etc.) For a larger crowd, rent out a local sports venue or put up a tent adjacent to an outdoor sports field for the ultimate sports party. With the right combination of food and sports-themed activities, this corporate event idea is sure to be a hit with guests.


A carnival-themed event should be an all-encompassing experience under the big top (only the best tent is suitable for this description). This atmosphere can be created with the tent, décor, and entertainment that guests expect of a day at the carnival.

Night at the Movies/Theater

The best part of this corporate event theme is the versatility. A night at the movies theme can translate into an upscale event with grand theater décor or a less formal occasion with details from a favorite movie. The chosen theme dictates every detail: the type of tent, chairs, tables, layout, menu, and décor. (Contact event professionals to help select the right rentals for the theme.)

Trip Around the World

This event theme should feel exactly like the name suggests. An international theme should take guests through the best tastes, décor, and entertainment from a few select corners of the globe. This can be accomplished in a unique venue, such as a museum, or with a tent. For a more focused event theme, choose a country relevant to guests’ interests and incorporate the details that make that area unique.

clear party rental tent at event

10 Over-the-Top Chicago Party Rentals

Event rentals can turn a ho-hum party into a much-anticipated and well-attended occasion. The best party rentals are the details that make the biggest impact on guests and fit with the overall event theme. Think beyond tables and chairs, these rental ideas bring out the “wows!” and “that’s awesome!”

large grill for parties

HUGE Grill

Massive grills (or a series of big grills placed end-to-end) are more than a way to make the best event meal guests have ever had. These large grills let guests know that the hosts are serious about serving the best meal ever. At a corporate event, this is a fun opportunity to let managers switch roles and serve their departments. A huge grill at any other gathering makes a serious impression and guests and builds up anticipation for the meal.

Projection Screens

A projection screen is a great addition to any party, and a great way to entertain guests. A projection screen is the perfect big screen for a presentation that visualizes the accomplishments of a company or corporate team. At a birthday part, it can be the source of many giggles as those embarrassing pictures flash across the screen. A big screen can also be the base of hosting the perfect late night viewing party.

portable bar with white skirting

Portable Bar

Portable bars are a great way to keep guests mingling and moving throughout the event venue. Logistically, portable bars give guests another option and prevents long lines. For a creative twist, offer special drink mixes at each portable bar. For a good event flow, use signs to let guests know what drinks are available at different bars.

cotton candy machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton candy machines draw a crowd and coordinate perfectly with a summer party theme. This summer treat is a perfect part of a circus, country fair, or picnic event theme—and just one of many summer treat party rentals. (For a complete list, contact a party planning company.)

popcorn machine party rental

Popcorn Maker

The only thing better than popcorn is fresh-made popcorn at an event. A popcorn maker is a popular party rental that can double as a party treat and favor. A bag of popcorn is the perfect way to show appreciation to guests as they leave.

slushie maker

Slushie Maker

A slushie maker is a popular party rental because guests of all ages love these cool drinks. Especially popular at hot summer parties, slushies (or the adult-favorite margarita machine) can be served from portable bars or as a self-service option. Slushies are an integral part of a summer picnic or country fair theme.

chill station at chicago outdoor wedding

Chill Tables and Tubs

Chill tables add style and function to an event, keeping drinks cool and looking great. For a more rustic feel, chill tubs are a fun and fashionable way to make drinks easily accessible for guests.

event with uplighting


Event lighting can be functional and beautiful, adding color or ambiance to large and small events. The right lighting can add to the atmosphere and go a long way toward establishing a theme. There are numerous options for stylish lighting, such as lamp posts, uplighting, lanterns, globe lights, chandeliers, and gel splashes (for color).

checkered linen party rental for carnival party theme


Tents are one of the most versatile party rentals that can set the stage for any event. Modern tents are clear or white, with clear sidewalls (or no sidewalls), entryways, and even tent climate control. The possibilities are endless—and so are the benefits when the weather is less than ideal.

air conditioned wedding tent

Heating & Air Conditioning

Tent climate control may be invisible—and not always the most stylish—part of an event, but it’s a welcome party rental immediately noticed by guests (especially on hot or cold Chicago days). The hot or cool air can feel like a godsend to guests, making a big first impression on them the moment they step into the tent.